Kasandra, 26 ans, im hot girl who like lot of nice thinks todo

My name is Kasandra, I'm a nurse. I'm 26 years old. Rather libertine I have to say, I can not find myself a fixed boyfriend. Actually I have already been out with some guys for serious relationships but since they do not have the same way of seeing me, these relationships have not worked. But I do not complain. I also love my libertine life. I can do everything when I want and with whom I want without being forbidden.

What I do in my free time?

When I do not work, usually I go club or I go out to swinger clubs with my girlfriends. We love to have fun and fuck with each time strangers. But the common point of all the members of my small group of friends is fetishism. We are all fetishists who love sock fetish. Of course, to satisfy our desires, we occasionally make kissing sessions between us. In particular, I can spend hours and hours kissing my feet. The guys or chicks since sometimes I get to kiss with women, who lick their feet well, I adore them. It excites me even more than the cuni. Once, I spent a whole night doing licks with a lesbian. We only used our dildos in the early morning.

What I would like to do?

Besides, the sock fetish, I also like group fuck even if my first time was involuntary. While I was a bit stuffed, I was sandwiched by three guys in the toilet of a box. I loved this first time despite the pain. Since then, I have become accustomed to taking several cocks with both dildos. I have already registered with a community of fuckers who will soon organize a big part of orgy. I already know that I will find a fetishist with whom I share my desires. I'll ask him to penetrate me with the toes. I have never tried this but I plan to do it.

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